Mark Lennox

a regrettable tendency to Javascript

Mark Lennox Javascript, C#, Python, machine learning, web, devops, mobile

About me

I'm a senior web developer, currently working in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Languages (computer)

I work with Javascript and CSS every day.

I've used C# to build enterprise applications.

I used to build mobile apps with Java (Android), or C# (Xamarin) or HTML (Phonegap / Cordova).

I use Python to work on personal data science and machine learning projects.

Languages (human)

English is my mother tongue. I can speak and read French at an intermediate level. I know a little Spanish.


My github


I've been setting myself the goodreads reading challenge for the last few years. This year I've challenged myself to read 52 books. You can see my ongoing efforts for the 2019 challenge on Goodreads

I have a list of technology oriented books I plan on reading too

Other online

I often cross-publish at Medium and my articles have been added to the HMH Engineering blog on medium

I also cross-publish at Dev.to

I'm on Linkedin (no pressure to join my professional network, unless you want to)

My twitter account @webpusher